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Integrating the Amdram Tickets Cart with your Website

Wix Website Integration

Wix sites depend upon the wix editor you are using. It will either be

  1. Go to Add and then Widgets
  2. Under Widgets click HTML
  3. From the Widget Gallery click an HTML Widget
  4. Click on the HTML Widget to select it.
  5. From the HTML Widget Property Panel on the right of the Editor, click Settings.
  6. In the Add HTML window, under Insert HTML code, enter the embed code from the control panel.
  7. Next to Width and Height, enter the dimensions of your widget.This should correspond with the width and height you have set up in your amdram-tickets control panel
  8. Click OK and your tickets cart is set up.

If the above doesn't apply to your wix editor then

  1. Go to Add and then Apps
  2. Then choose HTML from the list
  3. Click on the HTML box that has been created and in the menu choose settings
  4. In the settings panel that opens up change the Mode drop down to HTML code
  5. Paste the code from your amdram tickets control panel into the HTML / embed code box
  6. You can change the dimensions by editing the w and h boxes at the bottom. These need to correspond with the sizes set in your amdram tickets control panel.
  7. Click on Update and your amdram tickets cart is added.

Google Sites Integration

  1. Add a new page that you want to create as your ticketing page and give it a name
  2. Click on the create button
  3. The editor window shows up now. Along the top you can see <HTML> - click on this
  4. Paste the code from your amdram tickets control panel into here and click the update button.

Are you Stuck?

If the above isn't helping you much or you have a different type of website that you want help with, please get in touch and we'll do all we can to help.

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